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October 25, 2014, Everett, WA
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We are 80+ volunteers dedicated to the protection of our local natural resources, especially focusing on Puget Sound. Even though we've existed for only six years, we have volunteered over 38,000 hours to Salish Sea research, education and stewardship projects near our homes.

Snohomish County WSU Beach Watchers receive 100 hours of university-caliber training from over 40 local experts, offered annually. This year, the training is includes 80 hours in an eight week intensive and offer 20 hours of continuing education throughout the year.  Beach Watchers agree to volunteer at least 100 hours over two years. The training expands our minds and the volunteering expands our skills, our hearts and our connection to our community.

We work on a broad range of projects, allowing each of us to find the ones that meet our diverse interests in our own communities. Projects range from doing beach interpretation of critters at local parks during low tides to water quality sampling to organizing public seminars.

Beach Watchers are organizing the "Our Puget Sound, In Depth" Presentation Series in Mukilteo.  We invite in local and regional experts to share what they know about the waters, land and wildlife that share this area with us.  These sessions are held in Mukilteo from January - June.  Stay tuned for our upcoming slate of presenters!

WSU Snohomish County Extension Beach Watchers partner with many organizations to set our project priorities and to share our resources and expertise. Our major partners include the Snohomish County Marine Resources Committee, Washington Department of Ecology and the City of Mukilteo Please explore our website site further to learn about our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.


Does Beach Watcher training look like too much? 

Become a Beach Naturalist!

Each year, we offer a shortened training course and volunteer opportunity for people who want to dip their toes into Puget Sound intertidal ecology. There is a training offered that prepares everyone to volunteer at least 10 hours over the spring and summer sharing what they've learned at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park or Kayak Point County Park (Stanwood).  The training is 16 hours with expert presenters and field time.

The 2014 training will be on April 12 and 19th, 9AM - 3:30 PM.  The agenda is still being set, however the 2013 agenda let's you see what to expect.  Applications are ready and are due on April 9th! To get on the mailing list, please email Chrys Bertolotto at chrys@wsu.edu or call 425 357-6020.. 

Sound Living - A One Day Communiversity!

Explore the Connections Between Water, Land and People

Sound Living 2014 will be held on October 25th at Everett Community College and will host 18 expert presenters.  All participants have several choices to fill the three sessions held throughout the day. 

Teachers and Educators

Each year, Beach Watchers offer classroom and field trip support to approximately 40 classes so students can learn about tides, beach rocks, intertidal life and so much more!  There is limited space.  The 2014 flyer and application forms are now available.  All applications are due on April 15, 2014.

2014 Marine Education in the Classroom and at the Beach Flyer!

Field Trip Application Form

Field Trip Expectations Form

First Ever Art Contest Has Ended! 

Youth from preschool through high school shared what they want Puget Sound to look like when they get older.   Sixth Grader Maya Dailer was our grant winnder with many other inspiring images sent our way. You can check out this art at theEverett downtown library in February and at the Marysville Library in July.  This contest captured youth's artistic expressions of a bright future for Snohomish County's Puget Sound landscape.

Stay tuned for our next contest!

Interested in Beach Watchers Beyond Snohomish County?

Check out this brochure if you'd like to learn about the regional aspects of the Beach Watcher Program.  For more local information, read on!.

Beach Watcher Volunteer Page and Tools!

Hope to see you on the beach soon!

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