Purple sea urchinPhoto of Purple sea urchinStrongylocentrotus purpuratusCopyright 2005 Mary Jo Adams


We are members of communities around Puget Sound who are dedicated to learning about its creatures, landscape and natural resources so that we can better protect this priceless heritage.

We start with a rigorous 20 days of training to ensure that our strategies and actions are based on the best available science.

We then choose how best to use our individual skills to bring local leadership (and legwork!) to marine science, stewardship and education thoughout the Puget Sound region.

We like to ...

  • Get wet ! - There are several seining projects in Island County to measure numbers, types, and sizes of juvenile fish over time.
  • Reach out - educate our neighbors through yearly one-day universities, the Shore Stewards program, beach naturalist programs, ferry lecture programs, . . .
  • Measure things - bird populations, water quality, shellfish toxins, ...
  • Walk our beaches - to identify and remove noxious stuff - invasive species, toxic creosote, general litter and harmful marine debris.
  • Monitor and track intertidal life at our beaches over time to provide baseline data. To help train ourselves on the wealth of flora and fauna to be found, volunteers developed EZ-ID at the Beach, available both online (click on any of the photos above to access more information about that species), and in portable plastic form for the beach; and in 2007 turned the reference information into an addictive EZ-ID Game.

Many of the examples above are from Island County, where the Beach Watchers program began in 1989. Its success led to expansion of the program in 2005-2006 to all of the northern Puget Sound counties.

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