Freeland Park

Description, size, location and components of the estuary
Holmes Harbor estuary is located at Freeland Park on the south end of Holmes Harbor, which is located on the southern portion of Whidbey Island.

It consists of brackish water and freshwater marsh.  It is primarily fresh water but the salt water occasionally runs over the road and into the marsh at high tide.
Click here for enlarged photo Photo by Kathy Floyd, c. 2004

Source of fresh water

There is an unnamed stream that provides fresh water to the Holmes Harbor estuary.

Man made obstructions to the estuary

The area has been blocked off by a road on the northern edge of the estuary and the creation of Freeland Park with a beach, playground and boat launch.  Island County is conducting a stream and estuarine habitat assessment to determine the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Freeland outfall improvements.

Description of the historic estuary

Historically this was an undisturbed estuary.


Island County Estuarine Restoration Program

Prepared by Sheldon & Associates, Inc., June 2001

Estuarine and Stream Habitat Assessment for Freeland Outfall Improvements at Holmes Harbor , Island County , WA

Puget Sound Creosote Awareness project

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