Puget Sound Intertidal Life
Vulnerable During Low Tides

Who among us can resist heading for our favorite beach during one of the wonderful low tides we are currently having? Fascinating creatures are everywhere, easy to see and tempting to touch!

Unfortunately, for those unaware of proper intertidal "etiquette", this often means turning over rocks with little regard for protecting the animals that take refuge under them, poking anemones to see them squirt water, prying chitons and limpets off rocks, and collecting live specimens that will be taken home to die. A lot of damage can quickly occur even if none is intended, and recovery is a slow process that may never be complete.

We recommend that the following "beach etiquette" be observed during spring and summer low tides:

With our care, intertidal life can flourish!

This page was created on May 18, 2001
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